Overpayment/underpayment of Residence Hall Fees
There are cases when students overpay/underpay the residence hall fees, especially when the payment is made through international bank accounts (because of exchange rates/transmission fees). It is the responsibility of students to check their balance and act accordingly after the check-in day.
1. In case of underpayment, students are liable to pay their outstanding amount within one week after the check-in day.
2. In case of overpayment, students can apply for refund through the residence website within one month after the check-in day. The overpaid amount will be refunded to the student upon online request that can be done through the housing account. Please take a note that the refund is only possible by wire transfer to a Korean Bank account. The amount is usually refunded at least one month after the application is registered.
1. Login to 'My Housing Account'.
2. In "My Housing Application(s) and Financial Account, select the application page that carries the overpaid amount, i.e., the most recent staying term's application.
3. Click on the "Overpayment Refund Request" button at the bottom of the page.
4. Fill out the blanks with your banking information and submit the application.