Step 1: Create a Housing Account
1. To create a housing account click HERE
NOTE: If you already have an account, skip this step.
Step 2: Submit Online Application
1. Login to 'My Housing Account'.
(NOTE: You will not be able to login unless you have completed Step 1)
2. Click on "Submit New Application".
3. Update all of your personal information if it has changed. Please check that your email is correct because it is most important.
4. Read thoroughly and understand the Residence Hall Contract and agree to comply with it.
5. Select Room Preference.
6. Review and submit your Application.
7. Print your application receipt.
8. Check your application status and make sure your email account is active.

Once you done up to Step 2, applying procedure has been completed. Follow Step 3 and 4 after receive an assignment notification e-mail from us on the assignment date. For the room assignment date, refer to the Important Dates.
Step 3: Confirmation of Your Residence Hall Assignment
Assignments are usually made 3 to 4 weeks before the official opening date. Students will receive an assignment notification by e-mail and then are required to check their housing accounts for a variety of information including: room number, room phone number, campus address, the total amount of residence hall fee billed, etc.

If you do not hear from us by the expected room assignment, contact Residence Life immediately.
Step 4: Payment of Residence Hall Fee (Only for the room assigned applicants)
1. Once your room is assigned, your billing statement for residence hall fee payment is available online. Go to your housing account and select your application. You can find the billing statement print-out button at the bottom of the application page.

2. After you transfer the housing fee, you need to upload the transfer receipt on your housing account. If you are a housing fee supporting student, you need to upload the housing fee supporting confirmation document(letters or e-mails from the university are acceptable).

3. Payment methods

In Person (in Korea)
Find a Hana Bank branch that is closest to your work or home. Bring your billing statement to your branch of choice and pay by cash during the payment period.

Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer by the payment deadline.
Note that the sender is responsible for any transfer charges, including intermediary and beneficiary bank fees, if any. If the actual amount received is less than the amount billed, the balance in KRW should be additionally deposited later.
Helpful tips: Convert your currency into KRW and assume any transfer charges before wiring.

Failure to upload the transfer receipt by due date will result in forfeiture of your assignment.

If you decide to cancel during any stage of this process you must notify the Office of Residence Life as soon as possible to reduce the risk of disadvantages. Please see the contract for more information.