1. When is the dormitory fee payment deadline?
2. What do we have to do to request an overpayment refund?
3. What if I am an scholarship grantee and got my dormitory fees covered?
4. Can Anam Global House residents use the fitness center in CJ?
5. How do I create a Housing Account?
6. What happens if I forget my Housing Account's password?
7. What if I want to request an extension on my stay?
8. My room's WIFI is not working, whom should I ask to have a look at it?
9. What if a lightbulb goes out or something else in my room needs repair?
10. Is there a curfew at the dormitories?
11. Can I choose my roommates?
12. Is room cleaning provided by the dormitories?
13. Are there any printing machines within the dormitory premises?
14. How much does printing cost?
15. Are there any checkout procedures?
16. What is the dormitory policy on visitors?
17. Where do mail packages arrive?
18. What is the address I'm supposed to write when requesting a delivery?
19. Is there any meal plan provided by the dorms?
20. How many kitchens are there per dormitory?
21. Is there like a buddy program for newly enrolled students at KU?
22. How does room assignment take place?
23. How do I create a Housing Account?
24. It has come to my understanding that every newly enrolled foreign student that is in Korea for the first time needs to get an Alien Registration Card (ARC) and that there're some documents the dormitory management needs to provide, where could I get them?
25. What's the more acceptable way of payment? Can I pay in cash?
26. I've noticed that the rooms get heated up around mid spring even after the heaters have been turned off and that airconditioners start working kinda late, is there like an exact date or is it all just random?
27. Do the dorms have study rooms?
28. What about laundry? is it provided by the dorm as well?
29. I'm thinking of applying for the dorms, is there any chance I could come and have a look around the dormitories and if possible maybe inside the rooms?
30. Can I order food and have it delivered to the dorms?
31. What if I want to cancel my dorm application?
32. What are the reasons that could render a student unable to request for a refund?
33. What about parcel delivery fees? Does the dormitory pay for them?
34. I've noticed that in some dormitories some floors are destined for men and some for women, is it always like that?
35. What if I lost my electronic key card?
36. Are pic-kups from the airport provided by the dormitory as well?
37. What should I do if I want to apply for a RA position?
38. I'm a newly enrolled student and haven't registered for any courses yet, what should I do?
39. I saw that residents have to upload results of tuberculosis test (TB test), why is that?
40. What if I fail to wire transfer the dormitory fee? Can I request for an extension or can I pay once I've arrived in Korea?
41. What if I need to call a taxi? My Korean is pretty rusty and I have a hard time explaining where I want to go.
42. What are the check-in/check-out hours?
43. Does the dormitory provide bed covers and such?
44. I've noticed that there is a shuttle bus around campus, is there like a time table for it?
45. What if I want to send stuff abroad? like when I'm moving out and have got a lot of stuff that I need to send abroad, is there a post office on campus?
46. My room is dusty and full of strands of hair, is there like a vacuum cleaner I can borrow?
47. For double and triple rooms, do we get to choose our beds? Like if I arrive first can I choose my own bed?
48. What kind of bedroom suites are there at CJ International House?
49. Can I have mail or packages sent to me before I arrive?
50. What is the neighborhood like? Is there much noise?
51. How can I request for the Late check-out?