Students who live on campus must sign the Residence Hall Contract. The contract outlines the residential living obligations of both you and the university.

The contract is specific and legally binding for your entire tenure in the residence halls. Make sure you read the contract thoroughly before signing and ask for clarification if there is something you do not understand.

If you do not agree to abide by the Residence Hall Contract, you will lose your assignment priority.
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A. Escort and Guest
B. Activities Resulting in Disturbance, Distress, or Damage
C. Room Responsibility
D. Keys
E. Prohibited and Restricted Items
F. Rights and Freedoms
G. Smoking
H. Fire Equipment and Safety
I. Dining Hall
J. Unit Disciplinary Action
K. Alcohol Use
L. Payment Of Residence Hall Fees
M. Disciplinary Actions
A. Payments
B. Refund Policy

The purpose of this document is to establish a mutual agreement between the each resident student and Korea University, with regard to living in University Residence Halls.

Under this agreement, the student is entitled to the privacy of the assigned room, (except as stated in II F), the use of public facilities of the residence hall, and the services rendered in order to pursue his/her educational goals.

This agreement whether submitted electronically with required advance payment or by mail with appropriate signature(s) and required advance payment is effective from the University's acceptance of the application until the end of the semester of the use of residence hall. If the student withdraws from the University and then re-enrolls during the agreement period, the agreement obligation will be reinstated. The student must vacate the residence hall within 24 hours of withdrawal, release or termination of the agreement, during a given semester.

Residents of University Residence Halls must be degree-seeking students registered for classes at Korea University for each semester of occupancy. Any exceptions must be granted on an individual basis and based on documented academic circumstances.

The University's acceptance of this agreement does NOT guarantee assignment to a particular type of accommodation, specific request or final admission to the University. It does establish priority for residence hall assignment.

Semester room rent covers occupancy from the date and time designated for official opening until the date and time designated for official closing of the residence halls which will follow the last scheduled examination for each semester. Room rent does not cover occupancy during any vacation period or between semesters.

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Occupancy of rooms is only by students to whom the room is assigned. Rooms may not be sublet to another person. Room transfer may be made only after receiving written approval from the University Residence Life Office. A guest may not be accommodated at no time.

Students are responsible for care of rooms and equipment. The University provides no janitorial service in student rooms. Charges may be made for damages to, unauthorized use of, or alterations to rooms, equipment or buildings and for special cleaning necessitated by improper care of rooms or equipment. Students are jointly responsible for care of public areas and equipment. Public areas are defined as those areas available for use by all students living on a wing, a floor or within a hall. Charges for damages to public areas and equipment may be made to all students assigned to separate wings, floors or within entire halls as appropriate.

Students are responsible for knowing and observing University regulations and procedures. The University reserves the right to make other rules and regulations as in its judgment may be necessary for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises and for the preservation of order. The student agrees to abide by all additional rules and regulations that are adopted.

The University is not liable for damage or loss of personal property, failure or interruption of utilities, or unforeseen accidents/injuries. The University only provides liability for damages or injuries caused by negligence on the part of the University or its employees while working within the scope of their employment.

Telephone service in the residence hall is limited. Each room has one telephone connected to a central switchboard that only accommodates incoming calls. There are several pay phones for student use in the Residence Hall complex.

Authorized University personnel may enter student rooms for normal inspection and maintenance purposes. The student's personal property is not subject to search without express approval of the student except when a reasonable belief exists that the room is being used for a purpose which is illegal or which would otherwise seriously interfere with discipline and/or personal safety.

Room assignments may at any time be changed, canceled or terminated by the University in the interests of order, health, discipline, maximum utilization of facilities or disaster after notice to the assignee as is practical. Disregard for the rights, responsibilities and duties of others, as well as the creation of circumstances which could jeopardize life, limb or property, are conditions which are not acceptable in University residence life and may be cause for termination of the Residence Hall Contract.

You may NOT possess within the residence halls: firearms, fireworks or any materials that may be hazardous to the health or safety of other occupants of the building, motorcycles, waterbeds, weights, drums, amplified instruments, pets, open flame elements or refrigerators in addition to those already provided. Bicycles may be stored in student rooms ONLY if permission is granted by the roommate in advance.

Visitors of the same gender ONLY are permitted in the residents' rooms and their floors. Visitation hours are from 08:00am until 10:00pm. Guests are only permitted after signing in at the front desk. They must also sign out before departure. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests, and bear all consequences of the violation of the Hall's regulations. No mixed gender visitations in the residents' rooms are permitted under any circumstances and at any time.

Students shall not pursue any business in their room or on the premises.

At no time may a resident create any disturbances (i.e. loud noise, loud music, fighting, etc.), which will cause other residents inconveniences. Quiet hours are from 12:00am to 6:00am. During these hours residents should keep quiet in order not to disturb residents from studying and sleeping.

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Violations of the Residence Hall Rules and Regulations may result in university disciplinary action.

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Escort and Guest

1) No person may enter a hall or living unit in which they do not live without an escort who is a resident of that hall or living unit. Guests of residents must be escorted at all times within the residence halls.
2) Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests while guests are on residence hall grounds.

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Activities Resulting in Disturbance, Distress, or Damage

1) Individual or group activities that result in distress or disturbance to others are prohibited. Individual or group activities that can cause damage or destruction to property are also prohibited. Types of behavior that fall into this category include but are not limited to hall sports, hallway disruptions, smoking in nonsmoking designated areas, unsanitary conditions, pranks, use of water guns, and placing trash in public areas.
2) Using or attempting to use university property in a manner inconsistent with its designated purpose is prohibited.
3) Writing offensive and/or inappropriate language or symbols on dry erase boards, walks, or other areas frequented by the public is prohibited.

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Room Responsibility

1) Residents are responsible for any activities or damages that occur in rooms to which they have been assigned when it can be reasonably shown that the residents knew or should have known that the inappropriate activity or damage occurred. This includes activities or damages caused by guests of residents.
2) Residents or guests who are present in a residence hall room and know that a violation(s) is/are occurring will be deemed complicit in the activity unless the person has immediately reported the situation to a university official and/or has left the room upon discovering the violation.
3) Painting or furniture modification, including the possession of public-area furniture in individual rooms, is prohibited.
4) Personal furniture and other belongings are prohibited from being stored in public areas.
5) Modification of permanent wiring within a hall or living unit is prohibited.
6) Window screens must be secured at all times. Residents may be charged a replacement fee.
7) Room doors must be kept free of flammable materials, particularly loose paper. Doors should not be wrapped or covered with flammable materials.
8) Displays and/or decorations of paper, dried vegetation, corrugated cardboard, or light plastics that cannot be flameproofed are prohibited.
9) Electrical outlets must be appropriately used, and electronic equipment (computers, stereos, televisions, hair dryers, etc.) must not overload circuits, be left unattended, or be improperly wired to create a safety hazard.
10) Residents must not operate a commercial business from their rooms or from any part of the residence halls.
11) Decorations must not overload electrical circuits and, if appropriate, must be fireproofed in accordance with environmental health and safety standards.
12) Residents must have proper administrative approval to move from their assigned residence hall room to another residence hall room.
13) Occupying residence hall space outside the contract period is progibited. This includes failure to vacate the residence halls when they are closed.

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1) All residence hall room keys and key cards are the property of Korea University and may not be loaned or duplicated by residents.
2) Lost keys or key cards must be reported immediately to residence hall staff. Found keys or key cards must be given immediately to residence hall staff at the center desk.
3) Residents must return room keys or key cards upon checking out of the residence hall. Failure to do so could result in a monetary charge.
4) Residents are expected to be responsible for their keys or key cards at all times. While residence hall staff will unlock a resident's room door when the resident loses or forgets his or her key or key card, residents who abuse this service are in violation of residence hall rules.

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Prohibited and Restricted Items

For health, safety, and insurance liability reasons, residents are prohibited from having the following items in their rooms:
1) Flammable liquids and other similar materials, except for sealed containers not exceeding eight-ounce capacity.
2) Open-coil appliances and heaters, including, but not limited to, immersion coils, pottery water-warmers, ovens, hot plates, stoves, exposed burners (including popcorn poppers without self-contained heating units), and large power tools.
3) Fire/open flame materials or high-heat producing devices, including, but not limited to, lit candles, incense, incense burners, halogen lights and lamps, camping stoves, fireworks, charcoal grills, and sunlamps.
4) Antennas or wires extending outside room windows.
5) Firearms or other weapons.
6) Alcoholic beverages.
7) Illegal drugs.
8) Mopeds, motorcycles, and other similar vehicles. Bicycles may not be kept in hallways, stairwells, or public areas inside the residence halls.
9) Animals, including birds, laboratory specimens, and guest's pets.

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Rights and Freedoms

1) Actions that infringe generally upon the rights and freedoms of other students are prohibited, regardless of the intention behind the actions. Such actions include, but are not limited to, harassment, intimidation, discrimination, coercion, and threat.
2) Sexual harassment, racial harassment, and harassment based on sexual orientation are prohibited.

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1) All areas of all residence halls are tobacco-smoke-free (nonsmoking) areas.

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Fire Equipment and Safety

1) Tampering with any fire-fighting equipment, including, but not limited to, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, exit lights, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems is prohibited.
2) Propping fire doors or outside doors of residence halls is prohibited.
3) Unauthorized entry to areas of residence halls, including, but not limited to, roofs, window ledges, balconies, offices, and dining halls is prohibited.
4) Failing to vacate the residence hall when directed to do so by residence hall staff, emergency staff, or the sounding of a fire/smoke alarm is prohibited.
5) Improper use of kitchen/cooking facilities is prohibited.
6) Throwing items or shining lasers from residence hall windows is prohibited.
7) Blocking hallways with personal items is prohibited.

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Dining Hall

1. Misusing a residence life meal plan card for dining hall purposes is prohibited. Meal plan cards are not to be used by anyone except the ID card owner.
2) Reusable tableware (china, glass, silverware and trays) are not to be removed from the dining area without permission of a dining supervisor.
3) Nothing is to be thrown anywhere in the dining area.
4) Patrons are to remove their trays, table service, and/or trash to the designated areas.

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Unit Disciplinary Action

1) Damage to public areas and furnishings within a residence hall is considered to be the responsibility of the residents of that building, unit, or floor. If individuals responsible for damage cannot be identified, the residents of the building, unit, or floor will become collectively responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement.
2) In situations where the damages are extreme or repetitive and/or the unit is severely disruptive, the building, floor, or unit may be disbanded and the residents reassigned to other residence halls.

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Alcohol Use

The use of alcoholic beverages and smoking is prohibited inside the residence halls. (including residence rooms)

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Payment Of Residence Hall Fees

If residence hall fees due remain outstanding after 5pm of the due date, which will be notified for each semester, a 30,000 KRW late fee shall be payable. The application of this late fee shall be strictly enforced. The Residential Life reserves the right to take disciplinary action if payments are not made in accordance with the schedule.

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Disciplinary Actions

If you are charged with violating residential regulations, some disciplinary actions are as follows:
- an oral warning and/or a written warning from a resident assistant.
- Residential probation for a specified period of time up to one year.
- Termination of your residential contract. If the disciplinary action is to terminate your contract, you will be notified within 10 days and given 24 hours in which to vacate your room.
- transcripts request will not be processed for anyone whose residence contract is terminated as a disciplinary action.
- Some violations can result in immediate termination of your residential contract.
These include
- 'No mixed gender visit' violation (The dormitory has separate floors for male and female students. If anyone is found trespassing in the rooms of the opposite sex, he & she will be expelled immediately and it will be given 24hours for moving)
- Assault on another person, Any other conduct threatening or endangering physical health or safety of others
- Possession of a dangerous weapon, fireworks and other explosives
- Dealing in or use of illegal substances such as illegal drugs
- Misuse of fire equipment during the ordinary times, not emergency.
- Thefts and burglaries ,which will be included financial remuneration for such damage or theft as a disciplinary action
- Vandalism
- Disruptive behavior, disorderly conduct and causing disturbances
- Those who get written warning twice for violating rules and regulations
- Noncompliance with a directive or not cooperating with residence Life staff who are performing their duties.
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Current Students : Invoices for balance of full residence fall rate payment will be emailed and will be due prior to opening date. Full payment is required before occupancy, otherwise, the room assignment will be automatically cancelled.

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1) Before Official Opening Date : 100% Refund

2) After Official Opening Date : If a written Notification of withdrawal from the University Residence Hall is received in the Residence Life Office from official check in date to 30 days before the official check out date, a 10% obligation of cancellation fee for the remaining period of dormitory expenses will apply.

NOTE : Students who cancel their dormitory within 30 days before official check out date will receive no refund of residence hall fee.

3) Any student expelled from the residence hall as a disciplinary action will be charged an extra 100,000KRW penalty fee along with a 10% cancellation fee for the remaining period of dormitory expenses.

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Date A written notice of Cancellation received by Refund Schedule
Before Official Check in date Prior to the official opening date 100% Refund
After Official Check in date From 1 day after official check-in date - more than 30 days remaining A 10% obligation of cancellation fee for the remaining period of dormitory expenses will apply.
Fewer than 30 days remaining No Refund

* Any student expelled from the residence hall as a disciplinary action will be charged an extra 100,000KRW penalty fee along with a 10% cancellation fee for the remaining period of dormitory expenses.

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Decides not to enroll in the University.

Withdraws from the University.

Presents evidence of Leave of Absence from the University.

Presents evidence of marriage.

Is denied admission/or is suspended or expelled from the University.

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