You must check in and out with the Office of Residence Life. The International Residence Life is located in the CJ International House. At the information desk, you will be able to:

- Submit TB Chest X-ray Results.*
- Sign for your room and other keys.
- Receive the student hand book
- Sign up for regulation contract
- Get directions to your residence hall.
* Need to upload the negative proving document within the housing fee paying period.
From Anam Subway station (Line 6) Exit # 2 -> Walk for 7 min. toward Gaewoon-sa gil (Gaewoon Temple Street) -> Main Gate of Anam Residence Life -> Walk for 7 min. to CJ International House
(For Campus Map: Go to -> Click CAMPUS GUIDE MAP located on bottom left)

Also, 'Buddy' volunteers may be available to pick you up at the airport, to help you move in to the residence hall. The Office of International Affairs can arrange a buddy for the airport pick-up with at least two-week advanced notice. However, you are required to pay for the traveling cost for yourself and the buddy.

Students must download & fax the airport pick-up application to The Office of International Affairs (FAX number: +82 2 922 5820) at least two weeks in advance. To download the airport pick-up application form: go to -> Click INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS -> Click APPLICATION -> Download AIRPORT PICK-UP SERVICE APPLICATION
All students who are CHEKING OUT or MAKING A ROOM CHANGE
must participate in a checkout inspection:
At the end of each semester, resident assistants (RA's) and maintenance staff may inspect each room for damages.
1) * Sign-up for Express Checkout & Regular Check-out:
* - Will be announced through notice board

* Check-out dates:
* - Will be announced through notice board
2) At the time of check-out, a Residence Life representative will go with you to your room with the room file. Your room should be ready for check-out according to the Check-Out Instructions:
All items must be removed from walls for wall inspection, including posters, pictures, flags, etc. (including your roommate's).
All trash and unwanted personal items must be removed from the building. Garbage Cans are available outside the building.
Furniture must not be stacked on other furniture pieces or other objects, including furniture used by your roommate! The Residence Life Office representative must be able to read inventory numbers of all furniture in the room. A moving charge of 10,000 KRW will be assessed for each piece of stacked furniture.
The entire room and bathroom must be clean. Cleaning charges may be assessed for sweeping, mopping, bathroom cleaning, or other cleaning.
All stickers and signs must be removed from doors, windows, and/or furniture. A removal charge of 5,000 KRW will be assessed for per sticker/sign not removed.
Entrance doors must be free of any drawing/writing.
Personal items or furniture left in rooms, hallways, or on patios, balconies, and walkways, will be assumed to be abandoned and confiscated by University personnel. A moving charge of 20,000 KRW will be assessed for each piece of non-University furniture, carpeting, or other belongings left in the room. If you want to keep it, take it with you!
The furniture (by inventory number) that was in your room at check-in must be in your room at check-out, otherwise you (and your roommate, if also responsible) will be charged for the "Replacement Cost" of each missing piece. No consideration is given to age or condition of the missing furniture; you will be billed the cost of a new piece. You may request a copy of the inventory numbers assigned to your room in order to locate furniture and attempt to reconcile any problems.
All of your belongings must be out of the room at the time of your check-out. After check-out is complete, you will not have access to the room. The Residence Life Representative will secure the room and be the last to leave the room.
3) The Residence Life representative will verify the inventory numbers on each piece of furniture in your room. Any missing or extra furniture will be charged to you accordingly and Damages will be deducted from the deposit or billed (if greater than 200,000 won).
4) A close review is made of the cleanliness of the room and cleaning charges are assessed if appropriate. Also, any damage to the room is documented and given to the Residence Life Office so that charges can be assessed. During a regular check-out period, damages are assessed at one-half the charge to each room occupant. If you are checking out at any other time, you will be charged the full amount, unless your roommate provides a written statement taking full responsibility for the damage and giving it to Residence Life. Each student is responsible for cleaning the room and bathroom at the time of check-out. Cleaning charges are not split.
5) Students must fill out the deposit request or transfer form.
You must move to your new assignment between the Room Switch Hours. Plan to have all your belongings packed and your room inspected by your RA or HR before Noon - your personal bedroom must be empty.

Picking up your Room Keys at the information desk in CJ International House or Anam Global House.